Case Results

  • Not Guilty DWI

    Client was charged with a DWI-The officer made a mistake concerning the breathalyzer test. Bertucci Law Firm found the mistake and used it to obtain a not guilty verdict for the client.

  • No Charges Filed Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

    Drugs were found in a car that the client was riding in, and police officers arrested him. Bertucci Law Firm discussed the case with the prosecutor, and ultimately the client was not charged with any crime.

  • Prosecutor to Dismiss Charges Domestic Battery 3rd Degree

    Spouse alleged physical violence by client. Charges are set to be dismissed

  • Prosecutor to Dismiss Charges Domestic Battery 3rd Degree

    Spouse alleged abuse by client with a child in the house. My client denied allegations. Charges are set to be dismissed.

  • Battery II, Domestic Battery III Dropped Battery II, Domestic Battery III, Resisting Arrest

    Client was arrested for Battery II, a felony, for injuring a police officer. Bertucci Law Firm investigated the case and discovered that the client did not cause the injury to the officer. The felony Battery II charge and the Domestic Battery were dropped.

  • No Jail, No Insurance/Open Container Dropped DWI #2, Open Container, No Insurance

    Client was arrested for his 2nd DWI within 5 years, driving without insurance, and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle. A 2nd DWI carries a mandatory 7 days in jail. Bertucci Law Firm was able to keep its client from going to jail and having the no insurance charge and the open container charge dropped.

  • All Charges Dropped Terroristic Threatening, Violation of a No Contact Order, Harassing Communications

    Client was charged with violating a No Contact Order and threatening to cause physical injury to that same person. Bertucci Law Firm worked the case and was able to get all charges against its client dropped.